Disappearing Arts

Turkey is a top global producer of glass and is renowned for prestigious decorative glass projects showcased throughout the world. The technique that Leone di Fiume uses is called "mouth blowing" which is a fully handmade and labor intensive process which requires decades of expertise and precision to shape molten glass, cut it with scissors, sometimes attaching a handle or opening a spout.

This is important because we are producing an "art", not a "product" because it takes the “expert” 's life, literally decades to master the technique of mouth blowing.

Unfortunately, this form of art is not appreciated enough and there are no interns or assistants are growing up to be the "experts". This is a dying technique and is being replaced by automated technology.

As an artisan enterprise with a lineage of glass blowers and many employees who have had their craft passed to them over multiple generations, we believe in preserving and promoting our artisanal culture because we know if it is lost it will become difficult to recover. A community’s ability to generate a livelihood through its artisan traditions creates a sense of pride and meaning, and we want to encourage that sentiment.

Our aim is to take steps that will contribute to the announcement of this branch of art to the whole world, to increase the admiration for glass art with special prestigious products and to ensure the continuity of this special material with a very long history for the next centuries.

Female-Owned Brand

We support women and we are a 99% female owned company with many high positioned female workers including our production manager, accounting manager and her assistants, designers and graphic designer, many decorators who color the glass and so on.


It is very valuable for us to design timeless, long-lasting products that will exist today, tomorrow and forever. In this sense, we are committed to creating a sustainable legacy that will ensure a brighter future for people and our planet.

Glass is our most valuable material for us as glass masters and is a tradition for Leone di Fiume in all its beauty. We care for the environment, that's why we don't use lead in our crystal quality glass. Starting from the journey of transforming sand into glass, we transform glass into long-lasting art objects with original designs.

Glass is a very important material with its sustainability feature. It is one of the few examples where the same material can be recycled many times without deteriorating its quality. Transparent as its nature, it can be recycled and reused endlessly. It is almost a closed loop system.

For our candles ; we also only use soy bean oil as our wax and never use paraffin, which is a petroleum by-product. Soy wax is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It's also a completely new and growing market for farmers.

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