Leone di Fiume is a luxury handblown glass company located in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was founded by Yasemin Teke Arslan in 2019, who is also the creative director of our brand.

We transform mouthblown glass into unique home décor accessories with designs that are hand-painted, sand-blasted and fired in a kiln to create stunningly colorful decor that adds a luxurious touch to the home. We are different than other luxury companies because we produce everything we sell.

The Founder & Creative Director- Yasemin Teke Arslan

I was born in 1986 . When I graduated high-school in 2004, I immediately started working, a workaholic of a workaholic’s daughter. Since then, I’m the manager of Teka Color which is our largest company. I studied literature in university and then I had my MBA degree .

In 2019 my daughter is born . Same year I established Leone di Fiume, which literally translates my daughter’s name in Italian .


The history began when my father Musa Teke, a well-known master glass blower and founder of Teka Color Technologies Industry and Trade Ltd. , started working as an employee in the glass sector in 1961 when he was just 15.

After decades of experience, he started his own company, Teka Color, which supplies coatings and raw materials to the glass and ceramics industry.

In 2011 he finally gave life to his childhood dream and established Safir Cam (Sapphire Glass). Safir Cam manufactures mouth-blown glass, crystal quality but lead-free.


Our love for glass does not end here, in 2015 we joint ventures with my then-fiance who owned a glass decorator company passed from his father too and established Aurum Glass which decorates glass using different techniques.

November 30, 2019, on my birthday, after a year of designing, we started our first brand in retail, Leone di Fiume. Thus, as a brand, we have an integrated structure that is rare in the world. We are happy to bring you this special brand, where all the details are handcrafted by us. What we care about most is to raise awareness about glass art, to encourage the younger generation to this special branch of craft and to show our art form to the world.

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