Chiara Cut Crystal Candle Holder
Chiara Cut Crystal Candle Holder
Chiara Cut Crystal Candle Holder

The Story

Chiara Cut Crystal Candle Holder is made of mouth-blown crystal. The cut crystal pattern is engraved meticulously by our craftspeople using diamond blades. The artwork then turned into a masterpiece by shaping the glass rim.

Each Leone di Fiume product, which combines the "crystal", which is the clearest and most perfect state of glass, and the "blowing" technique, which is the highest level of this art, is handmade by masters who have set their heart on this art.

The exquisite work of art is presented in a luxuriant handmade wooden chest.

"Mastery" and "Perfection"

The Chiara Series, which emerged with the method of cutting with diamond blades, is the realization of the concepts of "mastery" and "perfection". Mastery brings perfection. Thus, a master gives years to his art in order to become a master. They live in an inseparable unity with glass. Glass inspires them and they shape the glass. 

A master works exactly 240 minutes to create the pattern of Chiara. The time it takes to create a single product is the definition of the word "labor". Artisan masters, who are an integral part of the Leone di Fiume family, keep their art alive for decades and inspire new generations.

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