Grigio Candle
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Production Technique

Grigio is made of mouth-blown glass. The design pattern is engraved artisanally by our craftsmen /craftswomen using a sandblasting technique. The artwork is then hand-painted with glass colors and fired. 

The exquisite work of art is presented in a luxuriant handmade wooden chest.

The Story

Modern geometrical patterns are stylized in this pattern. Geometrical patterns, which we encounter frequently, are decorative components of our everyday life.


Scent Profile

Spicy, oriental, potent and, at the same time, elegant. The sparkling notes of bergamot and blackberries lead to a tempting journey, while the warmth of amber, vetiver and oud are overtaking with fruity tonalities.


The Candle

Every single piece of Leone di Fiume artwork is filled with 100% natural soy wax and scented with perfume-grade fragrances that are unique to our own brand. Using the finest ingredients from European fragrance houses, we aim to immerse our customers in an aromatic experience. Due to the nature of soy wax and essential oils, your candle may discolor slightly over time.


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