Atlante Bianca Candle
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Production Technique

Atlante Bianca is made of mouth-blown glass. The design pattern is decal printed artisanally by our craftsmen /craftswomen using 24k gold then hand painted with glass colors and fired. 

The exquisite work of art is presented in a luxuriant handmade wooden chest.

The Story

This design was inspired by horoscopes and Atlas, who carries humanity's all burdens on his shoulders. In Greek mythology, the human children of the Gods were called Titans. Conflicts occurred between the Titans and the Gods, and the war began when Prometheus stole the fire from Olympus. Atlas, who pioneered the Titans in this war, was punished by the Gods for carrying the world on this shoulders when he lost the war. Atlas's symbolism of carrying the world on his shoulders has been an inspiration for many literary stories.


Scent Profile

The adventure that starts with melon scent, which has a pure and impressive characterization, continues with fruity and sweet notes and offers a unique story with soft transitions. It changes the place's atmosphere by adding a woody touch to the mango's exotic breezes in the base notes.


The Candle

Every single piece of Leone di Fiume artwork is filled with 100% natural soy wax and scented with perfume-grade fragrances that are unique to our own brand. Using the finest ingredients from European fragrance houses, we aim to immerse our customers in an aromatic experience. Due to the nature of soy wax and essential oils, your candle may discolor slightly over time.

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